Event Design

Have a vision of what you want your wedding day to look like, but struggling to bring it to life? Trust me, we get it! With a sea of ideas on Pinterest and a thousand recommendations coming up with the design details of your day can be daunting.

As Michigan event designers, we love designing events that are a true representation of your unique story, rather than just doing whats on popular on Pinterest or trendy. We focus on telling your story and giving your guests a wedding they will never forget!

In our event design service, we help you design exactly what your wedding experience and decor will look like.  We'll make all the hard decisions for you, including selecting your ceremony chairs, aisle decor, ceremony backdrop, cocktail hour decor, reception floor plan, table linens, centerpieces, favors, and more.

We can already imagine that perfect "WOW" moment when your guests arrive to an event that feels perfectly like you.

Event Design:

Investment: $1850

As Michigan event designers that have designed weddings on Lake Michigan, Holland, Three Oaks, Northern Michigan, Traverse City, Grand Rapids and many other locations, we have a very thorough process.

how it works:

  1. Gather - we start by gathering information about you, your partner, your styles and that Pinterest board of ideas you have.
  2. Create - we look through that information and collect decoration ideas for your wedding day into an Event Design Proposal. In this detailed proposal we list out all of the decorations we recommend for your wedding that fit your vibe - down to what your ceremony floral arch will look like, who is making it, how much it will cost and more.
  3. Review - once your receive your custom Event Design Proposal we will have you and your partner review it - note what you like, love or want changed. And we make adjustments based on your feedback.

Our goal is to save you time by not doing the research yourself, save you money by not purchasing/renting decorations that are unnecessary (DIY isn't always more cost effective) and save you stress by not wondering if the decisions you have made are the right ones. We can't wait to bring your vision to life!

Included in Event Design:

  • Initial consultation and 2 pre-event meetings.
  • Wedding Story & Design Questionnaire- we get a look into your unique story and translate that into your day.
  • Event Design Proposal with 10 pages of décor and design recommendations, including the following:
    • Color palette
    • 1-2 invitation suite recommendations
    • Ceremony decor
    • Cocktail hour decor
    • Reception tablescape design
    • Floor plan inspiration
    • Floral inspiration
    • Linen colors and textures
    • Attire recommendations (if not already decided on)
    • Favors
    • Cost estimates
    • Full list of vendors and resources of where the items can be found
    • Discounts on rentals, stationary, and more.
  • Event Design Proposal review via phone or video
  • One round of edits based on your feedback during the review.


Though our Event Design Proposals are very detailed with images, a cost breakdown and recommendations of where to purchase/rent your decor items, this package does not include the actual decor and items in the proposal and is meant to act as a guide to executing your wedding. However with our thorough proposals and cost breakdown sheets, we make it as easy as clicking a button to execute your design.

Our Event Design Work


Below are examples of weddings and events we had the pleasure of designing based on our couples' stories and unique style.

Tandale Nature Barn
Brighton, MI

Dimnent Chapel & Boatwerks
Holland, MI

Grand Rapids, MI

Williams Orchard & Journeyman Distillery
Three Oaks, MI

Lake Bluff Preserve
Frankfort, MI

Stafford's Perry Hotel
Petoskey, MI