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My Favorite Social Media Scheduling Tool: CoSchedule

I feel like on a daily basis I am pitched a new social media scheduling tool that I “have to have” but do you ever wonder how many of them are actually worth the money? In my almost three years of business I have tried numerous different social media scheduling tool. Some worth every penny and some I could live without. Today I wanted to highlight my favorite social media scheduling tool, CoSchedule.

What is CoSchedule? In the words of the CoSchedule team it is a social media scheduling tool “where you finally get your marketing sh*t together.” In other words, it is a platform that allows you to schedule your blog posts, social media posts, Pinterest, email blast, Linkedin and more all in one place.

For example, say I schedule a blog post and want to promote it. All I have to do is login into CoSchedule and within a few clicks of a button I have scheduled all my content and posts for all my social media and other marketing tools.

Another amazing part is I can select when I want the different platforms to go live. For example, I may schedule a blog post go live and the same day have an Instagram post go live, then 3 days later I have a Facebook post go live. Then 1 week later I have an email blast go out reminding people about the new blog post. Then 2 weeks later the blog post link gets shared to my Linkedin. Then 2 months later I share it again on my Facebook for those who may have missed it. But the best part is this is all automated and I don’t have to be the one posting everything!

Below are my 3 favorite things I love about CoSchedule.

#1 Time Savor

If you have gotten to know me you know that one of my biggest motivators is time and thats why CoSchedule is such an essential business tool. Before I started using this business tool I would spend 15-20 hours per blog post (yikes!) working on content, scheduling, creating an email, social media, promotion and more.

Now, each blog post takes me about 1/3 of the time it used to and allows me to spend the other 10-15 hours working the biz or chilling by the lake.

#2 Simplicity

Having everything on one platform makes it so simple. The days of scheduling the blog post in WordPress, then logging off to schedule the Instagram post to Latergram, then heading to Facebook to schedule that post, then logging into Mail Chimp to schedule the email blast are OVER!

Now all I have to do is log into CoSchedule and I can schedule and manage everything from there. Its simple and super easy to use!

#3 My Work Is Actually Seen

The other cool thing that makes this business tool such an essential is my work is actually getting seen. Before I would be spending all this time creating blog posts and content, but I barely had time or energy leftover to promote it. I would create a blog post but it would never make it to my Instagram and Facebook. And think about it – what is the point of creating this content if we aren’t going to make it seen?

I love how easy CoSchedule makes it for me to promote my work throughout various platforms on a daily basis. It makes me feel like my hard work is actually paying off. Also, the more ways you share you blog posts, the more traffic to your site and the higher Google ranks you – meaning clients will find you. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Want to try CoSchedule? Click here and get start with a free trial!

If you’re interested in learning more about my favorite business tools, check out my post on How To Block Schedule.

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Brooke DePauw

Brooke is the owner of Stellaluna Events and a top Michigan wedding planner. She is a lover of celebrations by the water, with extensive experience with Lake Michigan and other lakeside weddings. Brooke believes in tossing away the trends and creating fulfilling experiences for her clients and their guests.

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