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This page is dedicated to sharing some things I’ve tried and love! I’ll be updating this weekly as I try new items and if you have a product that you think I should try, shoot me an email at


Heath & Beauty

Happy Light:

Goodbye seasonal depression! The Happy Light acts as the sun during those more gloomy months and days by increasing serotonin (aka the “happiness hormone”), regulating melatonin (sleep hormone), boosting energy and much more. I started using the Happy Light daily in 2018 and it has been such a game changer for me!



Jusu Body:

I am been loving Jusu Body products lately! I use the lime-chamomile cleanser as my daily cleanser and the coconut-lime facial every night. I can already tell such a difference in how smooth and clear my skin is. I love that these specific products are made for oily/acne prone skin (which I have), but they have one for every skin type. Its also chemical free, all natural, vegan and cruelty free!


Loving Tan:

Best self tanning method ever! Not only does it go on smoothly (no streaking), but it lasts a while. During the cold months (November-April) I self tan every 2 weeks and have come to love this product. They also don’t test on animals (yay!). You will need the application mitt if you purchase the self tanner!


Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow

What I love about this eye shadow is it is made from fruit! Its natural, cruelty-free, vegan and scores a zero on the Think Dirty app!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented� Pretty Naked Palette

Liquid IV:

I tried these for the first time during the wedding I executed in Colorado and they work so well. When I am working 12+ hour wedding days these little babies make sure I don’t feel like crap the next day.


Posture Brace:

Where are my poor posture friends at? This was recommended to me by my aunt (who is a Physical Therapist) and it has already made all the difference in my posture. I wear it everyday for 30 minutes while I get ready. Such an easy and simple way to improve your health and confidence!


Four Sigmatic:

Before you hear mushroom coffee and run away, hear me out! This stuff is incredible! It has all these amazing health benefits and doesn’t even taste like mushrooms. I have been loving their Mushroom Coffee and Golden Latte Mix, but I have heard amazing things about the Hot Cacao and Mocha.


Superfood Creamer:

I love anything that makes my day a little healthier and thats why I love this creamer. It taste like coconut creamer and is SO good for you. I got the one with functional mushrooms, but if that weirds you out they have lots of a different flavors.


Festival Hat

I have gotten SO many compliments on this hat and its such a great price! I have the color Camel.


Body Suit

Amazon clothing always makes me nervous, but I was really impressed with this body suit and it runs true to size. I have it in black, but I will probably be ordering more colors soon!


High Waisted Cropped Trousers:

These are quickly becoming my favorite pants and I wear them all the time on wedding days. They are super comfortable, stylish and best of all, have pockets! I have these in navy blue and black, but I’ll probably end up buying them in more colors.



Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:

Hands down, favorite book of all time! If I could buy everyone a copy of this book I would. If you are ready to get really comfortable with money and learn how to make money work for you, not work for it – then you NEED a copy of this book!


The 4 Hour Work Week

If you’re interested in working less and making more money this is the book for you!


You Are A Badass

Such a great beginner book if you’re new to self development and entrepreneurship!


You Are A Badass At Making Money

If you want to work on your money mindset, this is a great one!



Daily Journal:

I have tried so many journals and morning routines and this is the first journal to stick with me. Its simple, easy to use and makes sure I am staying on-top of my daily habits and mindset.

Espresso Machine:

We were gifted this espresso machine for our wedding and we love it! I pop out of bed every morning excited to whip up a couple lattes, which was not the case with out drip coffee machine. Its reasonably priced and works so well for our small household.


Memory Foam Mattress:

I’ll admit I was super skeptical about these inexpensive mattresses that comes in a box, but Eric and I decided to purchase this mattress after being recommended to us by a friend and we are in love. We have slept so well and a lot of a aches and pains have gone away. Plus you can’t beat the price!



This is one of my go-tos on wedding days. I fill it in the morning full of ice and water and it stays cool and keeps me hydrated all day. I have the 30 oz in the color Seafoam and make it my goal to drink at least 2 daily.


Queen Air Mattress:

This is the best air mattress I’ve ever slept on and for a girl that camps and travels a lot, I’ve experienced my fair share of bad air mattresses. My favorite part is how high it sits off the ground (22″ to be exact) so when it deflates a little throughout the night you don’t find yourself sleeping on the ground by morning.

Tres Agaves Margarita Mix:

Okay my fellow marg snobs, this one is for you! I hate most margarita mixes, but marg ingredients alone are expensive so a friend recommended this mix to me and I’m in love. Its only 3 ingredients and organic so you aren’t getting a bunch of sugary syrups and chemmies.

Industrial Dining Chairs:

We bought the 4 pack of the “polished gunmetal” chairs and love them! They add the perfect touch to our very coastal home decor and are quality and were super easy to assemble.


Mix Nut Packs:

I ordered these small mixed nut packs for The Haven Conference attendees and they were a hit! They are such an easy and healthy snack that are prefect to throw in your bag on the go. I will definitely be adding these to my snack packs for event days.


Event Clipboards:

I used to carry a binder and a clipboard around every event day, but now all of the papers I need fit in my clipboard. This made my job so much easier and simplified!



Pretty Simple Cooking:

This is a perfect cook book if you are vegetarian or trying to become one! I’ve really loved trying new recipes in this book and it not being a 100 step process.


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