Wooded Lake House | Arielle & Philip

The stage for this enchanting day was set at Arielle’s parent’s second home, a serene lake house nestled in the woods near the beach. The couple chose this idyllic location for its zen-like tranquility, creating a perfect canvas for their eclectic, vibrant, and ceremonial celebration.

Arielle and Philip are true free spirits, easygoing and people-oriented. Philip’s passion for music shone through with a Jam Sesh before their welcome dinner, setting the tone for a celebration filled with soulful melodies. The couple shares a remarkable connection, seemingly on the same wavelength, and their love is evident in every glance and gesture. Ari, a visionary with a big heart, brought a touch of artistry to every aspect of their special day.

One of the most touching moments was Arielle’s heartfelt desire for guests to contribute to their ceremonial altar. Upon arrival, guests were invited to donate an object, symbolizing their blessing for the couple. The altar, adorned with collected objects and wildflowers, became a visual representation of the love and support surrounding Arielle and Philip.

The wedding day dawned humid, a typical heat-of-summer July day. Despite a forecast predicting rain, the weather played its part, and the sun emerged to cast a perfect glow on the celebration. The atmosphere was electric, with the vibrant color palette creating a kaleidoscope of joy. Arielle’s vision of florals picked from the yard and tossed in a vase came to life, and the funky linens and eclectic furniture added a touch of whimsy to the tent.

Arielle and Philip’s love for music added unique touches to the day. Arielle’s dad, a skilled woodworker, built almost all of the bars, adding a personal and artisanal touch. Before the recessional, guests joined in a spirited “Yip-yip-hoorah” led by Arielle’s father. The couple’s entrance down the driveway, with guests following in behind them, created a magical procession.

A particularly touching moment unfolded just before Arielle and Philip walked down the aisle. Instead of a traditional processional, they chose to exit through the front door, guests lining the driveway. Their memorized vows, similar to a poetic exchange, added an extra layer of intimacy and sweetness to the ceremony.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Private Residence, Sawyer, MI | Photography: Julia Franzosa | Wedding Coordinator: Stellaluna Events | Food & Bar: Food for Thought | Makeup: Joanna Artistry | Hair: Holli Beauty | Florals: Viavi Flower Farm | Entertainment: Pure Soul Presents | Photobooth: Glitter Booth | Rentals: Event Theory

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