16 Items For Wedding Emergency Kits

We have all heard a wedding emergency story of finding a stain on a crisp white dress before the bride walks down the aisle, the train getting stomped all over on the dance floor or it down pouring in the middle of the ceremony. Needless to say – life happens and we better be prepared for it with a wedding emergency kit.


Today I am sharing the 16 items I always keep stocked in my Stellaluna Events wedding emergency kit.


1. Bobby Pins

No matter how talented your hair stylist is – as the day goes on your hair will lose its original place. So keep some bobby pins ready to go.

2. Tide To Go or Shout Wipes

Someone is bound to spill on themselves or on your crisp white dress. Tide To Go or Shout Wipes will be a life saver.

3. Breath Mints

Chances are you will get one opportunity to brush your teeth that day and your day is going to be filled with LOTS talking. Pop a few breath mints here and there to stay fresh.

4. Spray Deodorant

You are going to get nervous and sweaty so make sure you have some DO handy that you can easily spray on. Spray deodorant is also nice so you can share with others without worrying about germs.

5. Safety Pins

These come in handy for so many reasons – a busted bustle, a sign that wont stay straight – definitely keep these handy.

6. Crochet Hook

If your dress is beautifully lined with buttons down that back that your mom or your bestie has to button for you in a quick time frame I highly recommend a crochet hook. It will save everyone a lot of stress.

7. Super Glue

Things will break and when they do there is no stress because super glue is there to save the day.

8. Snacks

Someone will forget to eat and we don’t need anyone passing out during the ceremony. So some crackers or trail mix will do the trick.

9. Sewing Kit

I cannot tell you home many times I’ve used my sowing kit at events. From a bridesmaid with a small hole in her dress to a guest splitting his pants on the dance floor (yes, real story), this baby comes in handy.

10. Scissors

Something will need to be snipped and there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to snip it. I carry full size scissors but if you are trying to keep your bag small than those same scissors you had in your kindergarten crayon box work too.

11. Hair Spray

There is always that tiny piece of hair that has a mind of its own.

12. Tampons or pads

Mother nature can be one mean lady – so be prepared for yourself, your maids and your guests.

13. Clear umbrella(s)

I’m not going to lie to you – it MAY rain on your wedding day. So rather than pretending that it isn’t going to happen and not being prepared you need to have a plan. Clear umbrellas (like this) are great to have on hand so you can still take pictures outside.

14. Extra clasp

Yes you paid a pretty penny for that beautiful dress but sometimes things fail. At my sister’s wedding when she let out a big breath the clasp of her dress broke and we ended up cutting my mom’s clasp out with a steak knife (scissors were MIA) and sowing it into my sister’s.

15. Water

Keep yourself hydrated. Seriously. But in case you don’t keep a small water bottle in your emergency kit.

16. Double sided tape.

This has so many uses from hanging signs, to keeping dresses where they should be, to stabilizing linens on a windy day.


Those are just 16 of the many things that you may need in your wedding emergency kit. Comment below and tell me what you have needed for a wedding day emergency.

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